Congrégation de Notre Dame de Charité du Bon Pasteur

The experience of the French partner's reception of underprivileged mothers is attested to over the years by the territorial development it has had and the credit acquired from French public bodies. It is a reception born from a centennial history that is still present in the territory and that will support the study of how the processes of discharge from the structures of protection for this type of serious distress of mothers. The entity has many connections with other entities in the territory that may be involved in the manner specified by the project. 

Here is a brief list of them:

1  Catholic Relief;

2  Nest Movement;


4  Restos du coeur;

5  Emmaus;

6  Habitat and Humanism;

7  Secours Populaire;

8  The Fields of Boaz;

9   Against Human Trafficking;

10  Human Rights League;

11 Pastoral Care for Migrants;

12 Union Diaconiale Var (UDV);

13 Food Bank;

14 Arsinoe;

15 Agemme;

16 SAWA;

17 mission Languages;

18  Aavas.