Associazione Consulta Diocesana per le attivitร  in favore dei minori e delle famiglie ONLUS

Consulta is an ONLUS association which, since its inception, has dealt with education, reception, care and promotion of the person and which today seeks to provide answers to juvenile and family problems through the daily work of volunteer educators (caregivers). Specifically, the main activities of the association, with its 15 homes in the Genoa area, are aimed at minors who, by decree of the Juvenile Court or by agreement with the local social services, are temporarily removed from their families in order to protect them. The reception takes place within the terms of the law - 183/1984 (reformulated by law 149/2001) and all the structures in the area are accredited by the Municipality of Genoa and/or authorized to operate. Consulta deals with the discharge and social inclusion paths of young adults who have lived out of the family for years of their lives. These processes of caring for adults who have experienced early suffering are one of the points of development in the Ligurian territory that formulates good practices for reducing the risk of marginalization of these people.

Consulta is a body that works actively with social services, the court and in general the judicial authority. It has more than 300 volunteers who, in their offices, help and support the activities and who are concerned with the reintegration into work.

The structure of Consulta is territorially defined in the city of Genoa and in some locations in Liguria towards the east (Rapallo and Valle Crosia). Its seats, 15 in total, are managed by the founding bodies with their own legal autonomy. Consulta is therefore a second level body that works to strengthen the capacity of the founding and adhering bodies to express the reception and its ability to reintegrate into the territory. The work of Consulta has developed in recent years in favor of work reintegration projects with the creation of conventions with the public body that can activate work grants and protection systems towards the housing issue. We have created two social cooperatives for the reintegration of disadvantaged people: one agricultural and one for the transformation of agricultural products into ice cream. Consulta is certainly a reference institution for the Municipality of Genoa.

The educators of Consulta offices (employees of the same institutions and not directly of Consulta) benefit from the general services of Consulta (continuing education, support in relations with the court, with social services, with the ASL, etc.) and carry out their work in direct contact with the patients. Their task is therefore oriented towards both reparation, during the time of reception, and reintegration into the territory to which they belong. This last task is also supported by non-professional caregivers.

The offices of Consulta have been present in the area for over a century and are a point of reference for the neighborhoods where they are located to the point that the population recognizes their social value with an extraordinary flow of charity. These peculiar characteristics make Consulta, with its shelters, a system entity that has strong roots and knowledge of the social distress of people removed from the family. The work of educators, about 130 in all, takes place in direct contact with disadvantaged people and the territory. Social workers in the first place but also agents of the territory such as companies, other social realities, public bodies such as the Region. Over the years, Consulta has obtained a lot of funding both from public bodies (region and various ministries) and from private foundations, thus maturing a complex management capacity and a success rate in the management of these projects equal to 100%. 

Consulta has given life to various other entities, both as a concept and as a response to the concrete needs of the people received:

 1. Ancoraggio. Ragazzi Resilienti (an association of adults who help themselves in the paths of support for the afterlife);

 2. Cooperativa agricola Pane e Signore (Job placement in the agricultural social sector); 

3. Cooperativa sociale E' Buono (job placement in the commercial sector);

4. Fratello Sole scarl (consortium for energy saving in foster homes).